Resolving Difficult Cases Through Mediation

When two parties have a serious legal dispute, they may wish to resolve the matter through mediation. In mediation, the parties discuss their specific concerns in the hopes that they will be able to resolve the case prior to an expensive and unpredictable trial.

Mediation works best when the parties have an experienced mediator, one who knows exactly how to facilitate discussion and propose creative solutions to outstanding problems. The attorneys at Alcaraz Law, P.A., in Albuquerque, have extensive experience mediating complex civil matters for clients throughout New Mexico.

Serving As Mediators For Cases Involving Individuals And Businesses

Our attorneys are all experienced trial lawyers. The time spent inside the courtroom litigating difficult cases for plaintiffs and defendants has given us a clear idea of how courts in the region may treat these matters. We use this to our advantage to identify clear areas of concern, and then approach them from a fresh perspective.

As mediators, our goal is to help you break through the barriers that prevent an agreement in the case. We understand how important this case is to both parties, and we want to make sure that each side gets an opportunity to discuss the matters that they feel need to be addressed during the mediation.

Once we have heard from everyone involved in the case, we are focused on facilitating conversations that lead to actual solutions in your case. We do not take sides or pressure one party toward accepting an unfair offer. We want both sides to be comfortable talking about their case and thinking about a settlement that is in their best interests.

Our lawyers take pride in our ability to help people find common ground in complex cases. To learn more about our mediation services, please call our office at 505-242-7070 or contact us. Se Habla Español.